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Bridge to neverland by NaouriRedouane1998 Landscapes by OilPaintingPretty Happy Easter! by Daykiney Spirit-guide by igreeny
Eagle waching you by shepa Hidden Treetops by kuschelirmel
Poppy Field by ReFiend Autumn Fire by Softyrider62
Tourmente by Kryseis-Art Bavaria by ditney

And now a bit of self-promotion: some useful stocks for photomanipulators :)

The Wall by Olgola  Arc by Olgola  Stairs by Olgola  Ruin 01 by Olgola  Sigmaringen castle by Olgola
  Staircase 01 by Olgola  Autumn tree by Olgola  Fairy woods by Olgola  Meersburg castle 2 by Olgola  Well by Olgola

Here I am again...after a few months of inactivity

Sting In the Tail by Mouselemur Galvanize by C-91Lake by aproman11 Homecoming by t1na
Over the Clouds by annewipf SWEET SPRING LOVE by saritaangel07 transience ... by mirandaarts
Castle-Vista by Mr-Xerty KEILAH by FerdinandLadera
Pearl Light by Lotta-Lotos Aguara - Gwent Card by akreon Starlight at Christmas Eve by flaviobolla
After a while I am back with my feature of awesome artworks found on DA. Enjoy!

The Invocation by mumu0909  Crimson Hills art by ShredderDima 
Messengers of spring by eReSaW sad guy by dinhxuantung
#2582 by robertcicheckiart Musical Medley by SchwarzWieEbenholZ
The Forest of Nisene Marks by chateaugrief Shafts of Sunlight by Nele-Diel
Light Dancing with autumn by antilous
Depressed by titefee-muse-de-ca Challenge Accepted by FakeFebruary  Beyond the peace by jiajenn Silk Sensations by MeFlysBySeatOfPants Resting among the Heather by roisabborrar Bunny tails by rougealizarine Jamie Fraser by SPRSPRsDigitalArt
Rays Of Luck by jkrab If you look at the sky tonight by Yewrezz

Photomanipulation contest
Deadline: October 21st, 2017

<da:thumb id="704729329"/>
Another collection of beautiful artworks I saw around DA

Mushroom cul-de-sac by Ladesire My-Locomotion by Mr-Xerty

 White dryad Sistina by hoanglap noirchrome by noirchrome
The Abandoned Soul {1-4} by Ahmed-Fares94 The Ferryman by Winerla Sunrise Flow by Miguel-Santos Speedpaints #35 by Sylar113
Poppys Field by stg123 Treasure Bay by Vykoukal

Current Photomanipulation Contest

<da:thumb id="704729329"/>

New great artworks I found on DA in the last days

Gift: Aladin by sta-a Rustic by zenalshabaky Winter is coming... by TatyanaChe

 Bulbs by kuschelirmel Touch the Sky by C-91 Moonlight Whispers by DigitalDreams-Art
Jack Sparrow 2017 by SalamanDra-S New Friend by danielbogni
A corner of paradise by An-gora Hobbitshire by Mariwa-Fallenangel
The time of coffee by ChudnayaMamba The Dangerous Mind by StarsColdNight

New stock pictures

Ruin 01 by Olgola Ruin 02 by Olgola Ruin 03 by Olgola
It has been a while since my last journal, but here I am again :)

The Core by FrozenStarRo brooklet 02 06 2017 by An9reyART 
Red Umbrella by apanyadong 
'Niht is y-comen in by WhimsicalBlue
GOODBYE by saritaangel07 Natural generator by Poglazovs 
Still Life by AwaaraC Dragon by Vasylina
Ship by stgspi

Feature for the winners of the contest held by
Make your storybook, closed and voting

1st Trophy 

Book of Adventure by Secretadmires Circus by Renata-s-art

2nd Trophy 

Story of Pinocchio by annemaria48 book2-The ravens eye by SlichoArt

3rd Trophy 

the Enchanted Forest by PaquiFg A Pirate's Story by Olgola

X.Awesome works found lately

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 22, 2017, 1:37 AM
Time for a new contest!!
Maybe it is because it's Easter, or maybe it is just because I love sweet things, anyway the topic for this contest is:
Pink bouncing cake  CAKES  Cake emoji 
This time I will not give you a stock to use, as I did in all my past contests, but you can choose the stock you prefer.

 Teeth Cake 50x50 icon  RULES
1. the cake must be the most important part of your artwork
2. it must be a cake, no biscuits or other kind of sweets
3. use only legitimate stock and credit all the stock you use
4. the work must be made for this contest only and submitted after 12th of April
5. you can enter the contest as many time as you want but you can win only once
6. photomanipulations and mixed media only

Write a comment to this journal with the thumb or link of your artwork.
In the description of your artwork, mention that it is an entry for this contest and link back to this journal

birthday cake  DEADLINE

17th June 2017
Winners will be announced on the 18th

 Kawaii pink cake  PRIZES

1st Trophy  50 Points  by :iconolgola:
2nd Trophy  25 Points  by :iconolgola:

Feel free to donate prizes (leave a comment or send me a note) :happybounce: 

Pink cake with hearts 50px  INSPIRATION
You can make whatever you want with the cake, here some artworks for inspiration (do not copy please, I want to see your creativity :) )

Let Them Eat Cake by AbaddonArt The Cake Jumper by JeRoenMurreWhite Wedding by silentfuneral Surprise Party by msfowle The Missing Topper by xeena-dragonkizz The chocolate den by CassiopeiaArt Marie Antoinettes Nom Nom Party! by Art-by-Nise The cake house by CassiopeiaArt Let Them Eat Cake by violscraper
Trappings by vacuumslayer Alice by AllaD8 Delightful Autumn by AllaD8

Mango Cake Type 1 2DK with candles 50x50 icon  USEFUL STOCKS

wedding cake by fa-stock  wedding cake 241 by fa-stock  Cake or Hat by YBsilon-Stock by YBsilon-Stock  80th Two Tier Draped Cake by The-Ice-Flower  chocolate cake by Sonicx1661 Wedding Cake Stock 3 by MissyStock   Christmas Markets by Olgola  Marie exclusives odds by magikstock  Grass Stock by Rai-Stock  Castle door by Olgola Bench PNG stock by DoloresMinette Woodcutters cottage by Notvitruvian  Stock 351: winter trees 1 by AlzirrSwanheartStock  Flower PNGs - 3004 by Missesglass  Cross by Olgola

VIII. Awesome works found lately

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 2:52 AM

Weekly feature for the awesome artworks found during this past week.
As you can see, the looking of this feature is different from the previous ones, this is because I won a core membership for one month and I am really enjoying this :D

Shimmer by Remarin La Fe de Demonia by DenysDigitalArtwork
Patio by Lotta-Lotos Country Roads by GabrielEvans 
Winter adventure by HjalmarWahlin
Night in the garden by IgnisFatuusII Goodbye Winter by Pochi-mochi
The Whole Crew - A Fantasy Wallpaper by ArtBasement
The little Dragon by alanleal22


Third place in the Springbreak contest by :iconwe-heart-photomanip:

Springbreak Contest, the WinnersOur voting has come to and end and we know who the winners are! Without further ado, here they are. There were some beautiful entries for this contest so I want to thank all participants for joining our springbreak contest.
First Price

Three month core membership donated by SlichoArt 
250 points donated by ErikShoemaker 
200 points donated by Lust0fADeeperPain  (already donated)
exclusive stock pack donated by YBsilon-Stock 
stock donated by EveLivesey 
50 points donated by Lora-Vysotskaya   (already donated)
Two Exclusive stocks donated by fairling-stock 
One Premium stock of choice donated by frozenstocks 
Second Price

Two month core membership donated by SlichoArt 
150 points donated by ErikShoemaker 
125 points donated by 
  Easter by Olgola

On going contests

Brave New World Contest - CLOSEDUpdates
The Contest is now CLOSED
WINNERS have been announced here:

Theme: Brave New World
Picture the world 1000 years from now.
Will mankind have vanished? Have we managed to eradicate ourselves? If so how? Was it a bomb, a virus, something out of our reach (a natural catastrophe for example)? Are there still people on earth? How do they live? Or have we moved on to the stars? Maybe everything went splendidly, maybe there is no more hunger and everyone has everything they could wish for. Including your personal android to help with your every wish.
Maybe it's a mix of both, neither completely bad nor completely good.
What do you think? Show us!

(nothing else, sorry)
Photomanipulations are images that have been composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new.
You ca
  WORLD OF ART APRIL 2017 MONTHLY COMPETITION!closedWelcome everyone to the month of April. Winter is over and now,we again, shining with spring weather. We hope everyone is very happy receiving this wonderful season again this year. I, personally, got some really huge changes in my life lately and it feels that everything is going on the right direction and i'm standing where exactly I wanna be. I want to welcome every member of our community to World of Art. We hope you'll guys will stay with us for a long, long time. World of art opens his heart and door to welcome each one who will be honored to join us and share its art with us. We starting The spring season with contests,challenges,surprises,stories and some pretty cool prizes.
This Journal opens with monthly competition,but the Weekly challenge is also coming in the middle of the month. So we hope and desire in our heart,that all of you will participate and show your wonderful skills.

WHETHER it is Digital art, Photo manipulation or photography.
World of
  March Winner and April ChallengeApril Challenge: Spring
There's getting warm behind our windows, flowers are slowly blooming and life is beginning to wake - how about you show us how it's happening? This month challenge is Spring - it's up to you how to interpret it! :allergy: Spring Is Here Emote :flowerboogie: 
Don't forget to credit all stock used and use only legitimate stock!
Only ONE entry per person per month. :) (Smile)
To enter, turn in your deviation to the "April 2017 Challenge" gallery folder (Don't get this confused with the folder for regular art submissions, or we'll move challenge folders to Favorites instead of Gallery.)
Your entry must be made and submitted no earlier than April 4th, 2017 and no later than 11:59 P
Pick your top three images in any order. Beginner entries start of with two points and intermediate with one point to keep things fair for all levels.

Now that we know who the winners to the Springbreak contest are, it is time for our April challenge. Since we are a learning group we thought it might be fun to challenge you to do a tutorial which is available on Youtube but give your own spin on it.
Our april challenge is themed storybook. We like to "read" your story.
This is the tutorial we want you to make. 
All the used images are mentioned on youtube so easy to find (most DA images)
You can use: the same background, the same book (but you don't have to)
You cannot use: all the other images
We want to see YOUR book. Just the manip, you don't have to make a tutorial :)
You can use all legitimate stock images and brushes for this
Credit ALL the i
  Short Challenge #35 - WinnersWinners


The next:

The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

Will have 5 winners.
- 50 Points from Wesley-Souza for the 1º and 2º most voted entries.
- 50 Points from Amanda-Kulp for all winners.
- Exclusive Stock from:  Wesley-Souza | HermitCrabStock | EveLivesey | YBsilon-Stock 
- Feature from: Wesley-Souza | lauraypablo | hermitcrabs

:happybounce:  Enjoy!!! :happybounce: 
Avalon Relics: Book Cover by Wolfie-chama Rain by Guava-Pie

 Nagano Morning by Guava-Pie The Dreamcatcher by Matkraken
  Jungle by JordiGart
Lead Me by LienSkullova Freedom by Euselia

Life Glimmer by soon38 Lighthouse by Tira-Owl
Another week of awesome artworks!

:: Artemis :: by Sangrde Speedpaint #58 by Sylar113
Jet Pack Blues by Ourka The Dragon's Roost by SirInkman
Silver Arrow by Hestefotograf
Waterfall by rulez-dmitriy
Little Me by AvisFx Red riding hood by Energiaelca1 THE CARNIVAL OF THE SPIRITS by blackBanshee80